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We’re here to get you the training that you need to meet your training goals.

Those goals can include a basic course to meet your WorkSafe BC requirements for work, first aid to help keep your family safe in the event of an emergency, to volunteer with your local community (or Canadian Red Cross) emergency services response teams. Or get that career as a Paramedic that you always wanted.

HeartSafe EMS was founded by long time (40 year) Paramedic Paul Stone and supported by very experienced hands-on Instructors and knowledgeable support staff.

Here is how we help you.

A wide range of courses to meet your first aid training requirements:

Canadian Red Cross

All levels including Emergency and Standard First Aid, CPR, BLS and Marine Basic and Marine Advanced First Aid courses.
Emergency and Standard first aid courses are now recognized as equivalent to the WorkSafe BC Occupational First Aid courses and are also can often be used as prerequisites for childcare, licensed practical nursing (LPN) and nursing (RN) programs. In addition, many dental offices also require these courses as prerequisites to get into dental office assistant programs.

These marine courses from the Canadian Red Cross are Transport Canada approved and recognized at a federal level for the marine industry in Canada.

Paramedic Courses

Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) and Primary Care Paramedic (PCP) courses

WorkSafe BC

All levels of Occupational First Aid – OFA Level 1, 2, 3 and Transportation Endorsement. These Occupational First Aid programs are designed for industry in BC and are recognized as being a high-quality level of training for first aid Attendants in industry. The Occupational First Aid Level 3 course is good for those who want to work some distance from medical aid such as in mining and forestry camps, tree planting or as an Industrial Medic in more remote areas. This program is also a prerequisite to get into the Emergency Medical responder (EMR) course with HeartSafe EMS.

Specialty Safety Courses

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Please let us know what you need to accomplish your training goals!

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