Active Shooter Awareness Course


Active Shooter Awareness Course

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Active Shooter Awareness Course

Course Details

This face-to-face course facilitated by military and paramedic instructors provides a well-rounded approach to the topic of active shooter incidents from a tactical perspective. Topics discussed include situational awareness, the human stress response, assailant psychology, de-escalation tactics, active shooter in the workplace guidelines, tactical movement, wound pathologies, hemorrhage control, legal considerations/interacting with law-enforcement and first responder mental health.

Students will participate in numerous force-on-force scenarios replicating elements of an active shooter incident while demonstrating basic firearm (airsoft) weapon manipulation and retention.

The aim of this course is to equip pre-hospital care practitioners with fundamental tactical knowledge and skills (medic or entry team member) to safely and effectively integrate into Immediate Action Rapid Deployment (IARD) situations with (an) armed assailant(s).


Participants must provide proof of licensure with EMALB or employment with a recognized emergency services provider (e.g. search and rescue, volunteer fire department, security company etc.) Students must be 19 years of age or older Students should have the basic physical ability to kneel/crouch/lift.

Concentrated efforts are made by the instructors to maintain a psychologically-healthy learning environment; however, the subject matter, presentation materials and hands-on simulations may be intense for some learners.

Class Size

Maximum class size is 12 students

Student Assessment

Students must attend for the entire course duration. All students must provide current addresses and contact information for class rosters. Participation in hands-on scenarios. Student must display consistent professionalism. Final comprehensive multiple question test with a pass mark of 90%.

Course Cost: please contact us for details. Custom / group courses available.

Please call the office at 250-385-3223 or email [email protected] for more information.




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