What Our Clients Think of Our Courses

“HeartSafe EMS has been very generous with their offer of a free first aid course for our volunteers and staff at Saanich Volunteer Service. Our volunteers and staff need first aid to provide the best care possible to our clients. Our clients can present with many first aid situations such as falls and broken bones, epileptic seizures, strokes, heart attacks and choking. First aid can really make a difference as it saves lives, prevents further injury and shortens recovery time. Saanich Volunteer Services greatly appreciates the first aid training provided by HeartSafe EMS.”
– Saanich Volunteer Service Society 

“Heartsafe is second to none when it comes to first aid training. Paul and his amazing team made sure I was confident, and well prepared for my job as an entry level paramedic. I highly recommend any courses being offered at Heartsafe.”
– Alex D.

“Paul, I just wanted to say a huge thanks for preparing me for my EMA licensing exams. The EMR course was great with lots to learn and allowing me to drop by for some extra practise days before my EMA practical exam made a huge difference. I now work as a licensed EMR and love. Thanks for everything Paul !”
– Glenn H. EMR

“After being an OFA III for ten years, the EMR course was a bit of a change and a little more work but well worth the effort. The course was well laid out, the instructor was very informative and provided pertinent information. I think I can speak for everyone. We all had a blast. I would definitely recommend this course.”
– Carolyn M. EMR

“As a former Paramedic now working in Occupational Health and Safety, I understand how important it is to have training you can trust. I’ve trusted Paul and Heather to provide my OFA and EMR training for over ten years. They’ll even lend a hand putting those skills to work with their extensive contacts with people looking to employ well trained attendants. Heartsafe EMS is my first and only choice when it comes to OFA and EMR training.”
– Scott J.

Organizing a course was easy and straight forward.

“The courses were excellent. I would recommend HeartSafe to anyone!” 
– Trevor D. OH&S Advisor

“Having completed the EMR course I would highly recommend it. I did the course as I wanted to make a career change and I have found the course has opened many different doors, some of which I had not previously considered. I met people from all walks of life and ages on the course. The cost of the course is money well spent as it is an investment in your future. Being a qualified EMR can lead to many good jobs such as in the logging or oil industry or starting a career as a paramedic. It is an intense course but by working hard and applying yourself you will reap the benefits of it. The course is run by professional instructors that have a wealth of experience and deliver a high quality course.”
– Jonathan K.”

“I have been an OFA2 for over 15 years, and have taken the course through 3 different training providers. I feel Heart Safe is the best for providing this training of all the vendors. The instructors, Heather and Paul, have an amazing wealth of experience and knowledge that makes the training so much easier to learn. The location of the training is very convenient, as it is central and has free parking, as well as access to restaurants for ease of lunches. The advantage of being able to enjoy good weather during lunch hour at the Comfort Inn’s patio and pool, is very relaxing and helpful for studying. I highly recommend Heart Safe BC to anyone wanting to get their OFA training. Great work Paul and Heather – keep it up !”
– Rita M.

“I would recommend The HeartSafe EMR Course to anyone. Its amazing that a two week course can provide you with so much information and knowledge, as well as equip you for a career in the EMR field. After completing the training I became better able to perform my duties as an EMS dispatcher. Now, only 7 months later I’m moving up to Firefighter/EMR with my Department. This training will definitely give you the confidence and skills to attain and excel in the EMR field.”
– J.K.

“Paul, I wanted to thank you for your assistance and instruction. The EMR course you taught was comprehensive and very pertinent to prep for the EMA licensing exam. The fact that you personally went above and beyond to assist in the study and comprehension of the material was greatly appreciated. I have and will continue to recommend your school to new recruits. Thanks once again for your help, I am very grateful and love my job with BCAS.”
– Susan B.

Amazing Course (OFA 3)! 10 out of 10!

“The best Instructors and learning environment that I’ve ever been privileged to be a part of. Thanks!” – Danny M.

“Thank you very much for your enthusiasm and professionalism during my EMS course. Your practical, experienced based knowledge about pre-hospital care in combination with your outgoing personalities made for a very fun and educational three weeks.Since I’ve finished your course, I have gone on to take my EMT-b exam and have been volunteering with our local ambulance service. Your thorough explanations of the “why’s” and “how’s” of the human body prepared me well for the National Registry exam in the US. What really surprised me, and is a real attribute to your way of teaching, is the amount of motor memory you’ve instilled in me in only three weeks. Most of the medical devices you’ve taught me how to use, were direct copies of the tools we have on the ambulance. A lot of the confidence I have to go into peoples homes and help them in their “hour of need”, comes from knowing I understand how to operate the different machines and I have you to thank for that.So thanks again for a great and fun course. Please let me know as soon as you’ve put together a team to teach a Paramedic course. I’m most definitely interested in learning more from you.”
– Peter B.

“I was researching taking my paramedic course here in Winnipeg, but they were year long courses with waiting lists. I extended my search to BC and I called a couple of schools. When I found your website, it was very well organized and easy to understand what I needed to get started.
 I may have called the office a few too many times with questions, but they were always so nice and welcoming.  About a week before I flew out, Nadine called me mentioning the CPR C course was going to be cancelled, and she helped me find another course in town, which was extremely helpful.
I ended up staying at the Econolodge as well, which was extremely convenient with the course in the same building.
A main reason I chose Heartsafe was the course completion time.  I like learning quickly and efficiently.  Your son, Jeremy, was an amazing teacher, with tons of enthusiasm and showed interest in what he was teaching us.  All questions were answered with a “no question is a stupid question” attitude.
Overall I’m extremely happy I chose Heartsafe. I am impressed with what I learned in this short amount of time, and very confident in applying my newly learned skills to the field.”
– Haley P.

“As a health & safety advisor for a mid-sized organization, I want my training and that of the first aid attendants on staff to be the best. For training in Victoria, I always recommend that the 18 attendants in my local program take their training or renew their OFA 1, 2 or 3 certification through HeartSafe EMS. Heather and Paul provide the kind of training that prepares students for actual first aid situations they might encounter on the job. Both Paul and Heather can supplement textbook scenarios with personal anecdotes of situations they have experienced. This makes their training relevant and realistic. The equipment is well maintained and there is enough of everything for full class participation using real supplies. I recommend HeartSafe for Occupational First Aid Training in the Victoria area.”
– Keith D. OH&S Advisor

“I was enrolled in a course for OFA3 as well as EMR that lasted for a duration of three weeks, the course was laid out very well, class time was utilized very efficiently from Monday through Friday 8am-5pm with all the appropriate breaks. The instructors were very knowledgeable, answered questions regarding all OFA3 material. The EMR Instructor was one of the best I’ve had, and made great use of the short class time we had to cover all the EMR protocols that were required to pass the exam. This was a condensed course that was put on by the two instructors, who I believe did an awesome job of keeping classes on topic and task throughout the short time frame that was given to them. I believe that after being certified through Heartsafe First Aid for my OFA3 and my EMR that I have the skills required to complete my tasks with confidence.”
– Stephen Wagner

I would love to do my PCP training with you guys!

“First off, I wanted to say that I am real happy that I did my OFA3 training at HeartSafe and Jeremy Stone has been the best teacher of first-aid I have had!” – JahVaughn L.
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